Autoritratto2015Davide Gianfelice was born in Milan on June, 18th, 1977. He studied arts at high school and then he studied at the School of Comics in Milan.

For Eura Editoriale he realizes some episodic stories, published in Skorpio and Lanciostory magazines. After this experience he is enrolled in the artist team for John Doe, a monthly publication. He makes the art for five issues, written by Roberto Recchioni, Lorenzo Bartoli and Giovanni Gualdoni. At the same time he works for the Kawaii Studio on two books for Vent D'Ouest  (comic transposition of the famous Moliere theater plays), and with Edizioni BD to the Garret project, written by Matteo Casali.

For Sergio Bonelli Editore he draws a short story, L'ACCALAPPIASOGNI written byTito Faraci, for the first Dylan Dog Color Fest and, in 2007, he starts his collaboration with Vertigo DC Comics.

For Vertigo he draws the first arc (vol.1) of the Northlanders series (stories by Brian Wood) and later the 3 volumes mini-series of Greek Street, which he co-creator together with Peter Milligan.

In 2010 he started working for Marvel, drawing an episode of Wolverine Weapon X (issue #16 - story by Jason Aaron), and the miniseries Daredevil Reborn and Six Guns (written by Andy Diggle).

Also for Marvel he drew the art for Age of Apocalypse (issue # 5 - story by David Lapham).

In 2013 he publishes three episodes (issues # 15-16-17) of Conan The Barbarian  (written by Brian Wood), published by Dark Horse.

Currently he works for the American market and he is part of the artists working on Orfani - monthly series created by Recchioni-Mammucari, published by Sergio Bonelli Editore - for which he made the art for number 8 and number 5 of the second season, Orfani: Ringo.


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