piccininnoportraitGiuliano Piccininno was born in 1960 in Giffoni Valle Piana (town known for the Giffoni Film Festival); in the '70s, while he attended the art school of Salerno, with his friends De Nardo, Della Monica, Lauria and Picerno he found the first nucleus of what will be called "graphic school of Salerno".

In 1982 he obtained the title of production designer at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli and launched the self-managed magazineTRUMOON in which also debut Brindisi, De Angelis, Coppola and Bigliardo.

From 1984 to 1987 he draws ALAN FORD; later he began an intense collaboration with EPIERRE for which he writes and draws for the magazines MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, MAGIC BOY and TIRAMOLLA.

In 1990 he participates in the project ONLY WEST, BABY with Della Monica, De Nardo and Brindisi with story and drawings forTEXASTRANGERS.

From 1992 he start working for il CORRIERE DEI PICCOLI drawing the NINJA TURTLES and WARNER characters (WILE E. COYOTE, DAFFY DUCK) and for the new INTREPIDO written by De Nardo.

In the same year he creates for STAR COMICS the character "skatenato" OZZY, whose adventures are later collected in a volume published byTORNADO PRESS.

From 1994 to 1996 he writes and draws the KING ARTHUR drama; in the same years, with other authors, he creates the superhero RAVE and begins to draw the adventures of Prezzemolo, the dragon mascot of Gardaland. His character more hare-brained, LIPPO TOPO, is published on the PEGGIO EVO.

In 1997 hre resumes the production of OZZY for L'Isola che non c'è winning the FUMO DI CHINA award as best new Italian author and, in the same year, he joins the staff of DAMPYR, the Sergio Bonelli Editore character created by Boselli and Colombo, on which he is currently engaged.

Since 2002 he writes and illustrates the books of MAGIC GEOX, an advertising character spread throughout the world.

In 2005 he creates, together with Manlio Mattaliano the VILLA TRANSYLVANIA series; the number zero is released for editions Italycomics.

In addition to the works for GEOX he works on other ads campaigns for the SISA supermarket, SAFILO, SELLE ITALIA, HOTEL PARCHI GARDA and PLAYLIFE.

From 2007 he is publishde on LA GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT.

In 2008 he began his collaboration with the Rugby Club magazine for which creates the characters of I BAGIGI.

In 2009 he published for NPE the KOVACICH volume, written by Giuseppe de Nardo.

In 2012 he published the first volume of I BAGIGI.

In 2013, for Soleil editions, he publishes a volume dedicated to DRACULA written by Eric Corbeyran.

From 2013, after the publication of his Dampyr 11th episode, he returns to collaborate with the writer De Nardo for an episode of LE STORIE, published by Sergio Bonelli Editore.

From 2014 he begins to draw for the American publishing house Zenescope.


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