Leomacs self portrait

Leomacs (real name Massimiliano Leonardo) was born in Rome in 1972.

He debuts in 1993 with the series "Dark Side", written by Roberto Recchioni and published by Bdb Press.

He's one of the founders of the independent Factory publishing house, for which he co-authors, with writer Roberto Recchioni, the mini-seriesBattaglia, later reprinted in "Alta Criminalitá", by Mondadori. Leomacs-Recchioni's "Battaglia: le guerre di Pietro" is published in 2008 by BD editore and subsequently published in France by Emmanuel Proust publisher.

In 2014 Editoriale Cosmo publishes Battaglia for a new release at the newsagents'.

In 2015 Leomacs draws the cover art for Battaglia's new issues, this time written and drawn by various artists, released in a pocket format.

His collaboration with Editoriale Cosmo includes also the cover art for I Grandi Romanzi Western.

He Illustrates the Humpty Dumpty story "Se questo é un uovo" ("If this is an Egg") in the collection "Wonderland: Quando Alice se ne andò", written by Francesca Silveri and published by Nicola Pesce Editore.

Leomacs draws a series of erotic stories for French magazine "BD pour adult", reprinted in Italy on "X comics" (Coniglio Editore) and later also for the US market.

Teamed up again with Recchioni he participates to the maxi-series "Napoli Ground Zero" by Eura Editoriale.

His works have been published also by StarShop, Comic Art and Le Ore.

His works for Sergio Bonelli Editore include:
Nick Raider: "Amore e Rabbia", written by Tito Faraci;
Magico Vento: "Il lago del terrore” and “Vampiri cinesi”, written by Gianfranco Manfredi;
Volto Nascosto: "La Fortezza", written by Gianfranco Manfredi;
Tex: "Almanacco del West 2009" (he completes the story drawn by Manfred Sommer) written by Claudio Nizzi, "I sabotatori" written by Mauro Boselli (issues 613, 614 and 615) and "Inferno a Oil Springs" written by Gianfranco Manfredi (issues 654 and 655)

Exhibitions and awards:
2008 group exhibition, Treviso Comics
2009 group exhibition "Mobilitasion general" at Historial de la Grand Guerre, Peronne (France)
2009 Boscarato Award for best artist, Treviso Comics
2010 exhibition with Walter Venturi, Tradate (Varese)
2010 group exhibition "Audace Bonelli", Naples
2013 group exhibition Dylan Dog, Rome
2015 group exhibition, Marina di Carrara


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