lucaselfportraitLuca Bertelè was born in Lecce on February 14th, 1974.

He lives and works in Milan where he attended the School of Comics of Milan and then the Disney Academy.

He started working in 1996 with self-publishing and small publishers. He was the co-founder of the publishing house Factory.

He has made comics for some of the most important Italian publishing houses: Comic Art, Rizzoli, Hobby & Work, Play Press, Magic Press, Eura Editoriale, Editoriale Aurea and Disney. For the Eura Editoriale he created, together with Lorenzo Bartoli, the series 'O Malamente, published on Skorpio from 1998 to 2001. For Eura (then Aurea) he published on John Doe and Long Wei.

He has created illustrations for Paravia/Bruno Mondadori, Zanichelli, Giunti, Arnoldo Mondadori and Piemme/Battello a Vapore for which he currently produces the Scooby-Doo illustrated books.

In 1997 he designed the series for children Lele, Sabry and Tobia for the Italian Touring Club, also realizing, for Touring Editore, game books and picture books.

He worked on the series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Comics for English publisher Titan and on Grimm's Fairy Tales for the American publisher Madefire.

In the comic industry he has also other roles than artist:

from 2005 to 2010 he was Production Manager of Edizioni BD, for which he also drew comics;

he is currently editor and graphic designer of the Star Wars magazines published in Italy by Panini;

he also works as a colorist for Sergio Bonelli Editore on: Le Storie, Orfani e Dylan Dog Color Fest.

He is currently working on Zootopia and Wrech-it Ralph for Walt Disney Company.


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