LucaGenoveseLuca Genovese was born in Veneto, he lives in Bologna.

He graduated at the International School of Comics in 2000, the first publication came in 2001 with Schizzo Presenta #22, titled "Fog and Other Stories" which collected a his short stories as a complete author.
With the same format and characters in 2003 he published "Zero Zélo" (IndyPress). In 2004 he drew "Ely is there" written by Luana Vergari (IndyPress) and "The Awakening" written by Neal Shaffer (Oni Press).
He draws some short stories, published on Skorpio and LancioStory (Eura Editoriale) written by Roberto Recchioni.
Together with Recchioni and Lorenzo Bartoli he also he collaborates at John Doe, drawing in total five issues starting in 2008 until the end of the character's publication, adding his drawings to the last, choral, issue.
In 2003 he and Luca Vanzella found the copyleft Self Comics on-line publishing house, characterized by the revolutionary formula "read - download - print". With Vanzella he creates the Self Comics character Aleagio Vaccarezza, whose stories are published on a different magazines.

In 2007  he published Ferragosto (Black Velvet) as a complete author.

From his continuing collaboration with Vanzella are born the biographic comic Luigi Tenco, una Voce Fuoricampo (2008, Becco Giallo), BETA (2011,2012, Bao Publishing) retro-sci-fi  mecha genre graphic novel in two parts, repuplished by Editorial Cosmo (2015,2016), an episode of Dylan Dog Color Fest #15 (2015, Sergio Bonelli Editore), which set the beginning of his collaboration with Sergio Bonelli Editore, followed by  Orphans: Ringo #7 (2015), Orphans: New World #3 (2016), written by Giovanni Masi and the story in the Dylan Dog Magazine 2016 written by Alberto Ostuni.

He is currently working on an episode of the future series of Orphans and on a Dylan Dog regular series issue written by Luca Vanzella.


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