sinisportraitLuigi Siniscalchi was born in Salerno on January 24th, 1971.

He graduated at the art school in his hometown and starts working in the comics industry collaborating with Giuliano Piccininno, committed on Alan Ford pages (Max Bunker Press).

Later, he start drawing, signing erotic stories for the EPP and Children's adventure series Masters of the Universe.

In 1989, he works with Acme publishing house, drawing horror pages for "Splatter" and "Monsters". Eventually, Sergio Bonelli Editore entrusts him on the pages of Dylan Dog and Martin Mystère.

After have worked on Julia, Nick Raider and Magic Wind, in 2006 he is one of the artists on the Demian miniseries and, in 2010, he works on Cassidy. In 2012 he starts drawing Saguaro.

He is currently working on "The Beast", written by Bruno Enna, for the series Bonelli, Graphic Novels, for the eponymous publishing house.


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