zaghiselfportraitRoberto Zaghi was born in Ferrara, Italy on 1969.

Studies included electronics and chemistry. It was during the university days that he rediscovered the passion for drawing, something he had loved doing for years as a child. After taking a short but well organized comics class by italian masters Mari and Bonazzi, he started working as a pro comic artist for Sergio Bonelli Editore.

First assignments were on sci-fi fantasy series Legs Weaver and Nathan Never (both created by Medda-Serra-Vigna, writers Medda, Ruju) and Zona X (with writers Beretta, Vietti, Russo).

In 1998 he started a 15+ years enduring collaboration with writer Berardi (known as creator of the acclaimed western Ken Parker) on the thriller/noir series Julia, featuring the adventures of a young lady criminologist. Julia quickly became one of the most successful comics series in Italy and is ranked 3rd in sales among the characters published by Bonelli. Julia is also published in Spain, Brazil, Serbia, Turkey, India).

In 2007 he started working for the ongoing french bande dessinée series Thomas SIlane, for publisher Bamboo/Grand Angle. The genre is action/realistic with a fantasy touch to it, it was created by Buendia/Chanoinat and features the inquires of a photoreporter freelancing for french newspapers. The series is published in several european countries.

In 2014 he was hired to draw the conclusive episode of the sci-fi series Ringo (Orfani’s 2nd season), created by Recchioni&Mammucari, still for Bonelli. The episode has been published in sept. 2015 in Italy and is going to be published in several other countries, even in giant format for Bao Publishing.

He also loves working as a novel/short stories illustrator, former most relevant works: “La commedia è finita” (Calza - Robin ed.), “Quando ebbi una Duna” (F. Patruno - Book ed.)

Current assignments include new issues of Julia, Thomas Silane and more stuff he can’t reveal just yet.

Most notable gallery shows he’s work was showcased on: 2012 - Turin (Italy) “Biennale d’Arte di Venezia”; 2015  - Manhattan, NYC (Mark Miller Gallery) “Tell them stories: Origins”.


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