AUTORITRATTOStefano Raffaele made his debut in the comics in 1994, on Lazarus Ledd #4, of which he became later the cover artist.

In 1995, after the mini-series The Power and the Glory, published by Liberty, he moved to the United States where he worked on numerous series, such as Eternal Warrior, X-O Manowar, New Gods, Birds of Prey, Batman, X-Men, X-Factor, Conan the Barbarian.

In 2001 he draws Arkhain, a miniseries published by Marvel Italia.

In 2002 he drew the miniseries The Blackburne Covenant for Dark Horse and the first issue of Hellboy: Weird Tales.

In 2004 he works on the Hawkeye miniseries for Marvel. He is also the author of the horror series Fragile on Métal Hurlant magazine.

Since 2007 he works with Christophe Bec on different series Pandemonium (2007), Sarah (2008), Under (2010), Prométhée (2011), Deepwater Prison (2014), Sanctuaire: Genesis (2015) and Olympus Mons (2017).

As a cartoonist, after his "hyperkinetic" beginning, Stefano Raffaele has arrived to one more descriptive style, where more importance is given to the details and the story is told by even the smallest elements of the composition. As an author, he prefers introspective themes and cares about the psychological depth of the characters, with a particular attention to their emotional characterization.

He works for film, television and video clips, making storyboards and choreographies; all of his works, either alone or in collaboration, are characterized by the careful choice of sequential narrative.


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